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Reusi Dat Ton: Thai Self-Stretching Yoga Course

























Reusi Dat Ton: Thai Self-Stretching Yoga Course


Prerequisite: None


This yoga course is for everyone who likes to practice any kind of yoga, specially the traditional Thai yoga, but also for massage therapists to advice the exercises to their clients to practice at home to treat and prevent ailments.


  • This type of yoga is practiced to prevent illnesses and treat ailments in their early stages

  • Learn the basic sequence of 30 Reusi Dat Ton moves, to work the whole body in just 45-60 minutes

  • Study every detail of each move, the correct breathing, precautions and contraindications...

  • Recommend to study this course to be able to use Reusi Dat Ton by yourself, with more people and to give advice to your customers if you are a massage therapist

  • Alignments that can be treated by Reusi Dat Ton for yourself and your customers are amongst others: tension, headache, shoulder and neck discomfort, knee and leg problems, chest discomfort, lower back and hip pain, muscle cramp in hands and feet and cough and astma.


Costs € 390

Total course comes with didactic materials (in form of a book with colour pictures of all poses) and an internationally recognized diploma


Certificates for students

Upon completion of the course students receive international certificates of their course
































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International Training Massage School and Thai Hand Yoga Center Berlin is a traditional health center that offers professional courses, classes, workshops, treatments and retreats. Students receive internationally recognized certifications. ITM Thai Hand is internationally accredited and also located in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai.


What is Reusi Dat Ton?


Reusi Dat Ton is a little known aspect of traditional Thai healing and culture. It consists of: breathing exercises, self-massage, acupressure, dynamic exercises, poses, mantras, visualization and meditation.


"Reusi" in Thai, from the Sanskrit Rishi, is an Ascetic Yogi or Hermit. "Dat" means to stretch, adjust or train. "Ton" is a classifier used for a Reusi and also means oneself. So "Reusi Dat Ton" means the Hermit's or Yogi's self-stretching or self-adjusting exercises. Reusis were also knownas "Jatila", "Yogi" and "Chee Prai". The Reusis were custodians and practicioners of various ancient arts and sciences such as: alchemy, tantra, yoga, natural medicine, music, mathematics, astrology, palmistry, etc. They have counterparts in many ancient cultures, such as: the Siddhas of India, the Yogis of Nepal and Tibet, the Immortals of China, the Vijjadharas of Burma and the Cambodian Eysey (from the Pali word for Reusi, Isii).


A typical Reusi Dat Ton program would begin with breathing exercises and self-massage, followed by dynamic exercises and poses (some of which involve self acupressure) and finish with visualization, mantras and meditation. The exercises and poses of Reusi Dat Ton range from simple stretches which almost anyone could do to very advanced poses which could take many years to master.


Many of the Reusi Dat Ton techniques are similar to or nearly identical to some techniques in the Tibetan Yoga Systems; which themselves include aspects of Indian Hatha Yoga as well as indigenous Tibetan Bon techniques that date back many thousands of years. For example: some of the self massage techniques, exercises, poses, neuromuscular locks (bandhas in Sanskrit), breathing patterns, ratios, visualizations and the way in which male and female practicioners would practice the same technique differently are almost identical. It is possible that Reusi Dat Ton and some of the Tibetan Yoga Systems are derived from a common source, which Rishis brought with them as they moved down the Himalayan foothills into Southeast Asia. There are also techniques of Reusi Dat Ton that are quite unique and may have been indigenous to Southeast Asia and were later assimilated into what became the Reusi Dat Ton System in Thailand.

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