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Dynamic Mindfulness School

A unique, in-depth yoga teacher training based on Buddhist principles of mindfulness. Program is designed for dedicated practitioners and aspiring teachers alike. A small group of students ensures quality individual mentoring and appropriate space for self-inquiry. They offer a year-long yoga teacher training in Berlin and residential, month-long training in Thailand.

Maz Lolo

Body and Mind Work

Maz Lolo’s therapeutical approach comes from a blend of Western Psychology and Eastern massage techniques. She treats body and mind based on their mutually dependent relationship.

Maz Lolo took our Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage  course in August 2017

Mittelweg 50

Mittelweg 50 is a group practice in Berlin that offers counselling in English and several other languages. The community consists of an international group of practitioners trained to help you navigate your personal change.

hirai healing

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy For Body, Mind And Soul


Jaina Hirai took our Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage course in November 2017

Eine unserer Studentinnen Kim Maiorano ist jetzt selbstständige Masseurin. Sie hat ein mobiles Massagegeschäft in Kalifornien und betreut ihre Kunden in Lake Tahoe und San Francisco.

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