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Become a Spa therapist in an increasingly growing branch!

"Yes, masseur is the best job of the future, but what career to choose?"

Like to work in a Spa, Sauna, Welness Center or in Hotels?

‘ Yes, masseur is the best job of the future, but what career to choose?’ This is a common question we hear in our massage school. So it really depends on you.

What are you interested in? We believe (and many sociologists with us) that a massage therapist is the best job of the future because we move less due to technology so we are prone to more illnesses and therefore need masseurs to cure but also to prevent illnesses and ailments. There are many massage careers, but what to choose?

Increasingly growing branch

Maybe you like to become a traditional Thai Spa therapist in your own studio or in a Spa, sauna or wellness center, an increasingly growing branch? With 32,000 spas, Europe has the highest revenue of 29,8 billion dollar, followed by the Asia-Pacific region and North-America. Moreover the Middle East and Africa have been growing the fastest in terms of adding spas, according to the Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor report. The wellness industry is very fast growing because as people become more conscious about a healthier lifestyle.

Prevention instead of treating Especially spas that offer professional services with a holistic approach to renew mind, body and spirit are growing. According to research preventive and/or alternative medical treatments, cosmetic treatments, relaxation and de-stressing are highest valued by clients. More wellness centers are now focused on prevention through a variety of healthy habits, like nutrition, exercise, massage treatments and relaxation. Research shows that people nowadays prefer to prevent ailments and illnesses, instead of waiting for medical care to treats illness and disease.

Which massage course to choose as a spa therapist in the making?

Not only there is a demand for massage therapists in wellness centers, spas and sauna, but also the demand for masseurs in hotels is increasing. In most wellness centers or hotels they ask for certificated masseurs in the following: Swedish massage, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Aroma Oil Massage, Foot and Hand Reflexology and Thai Table massage.

Are you interested in a career as a Spa therapist? Interested to work as a masseur in hotels, wellness center, spa or sauna? Just check our professional courses and become internationally certified. We can also advice you which courses to take!

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