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Post-Natal Thai Massage Highly Recommended!


During pregnancy your body undergoes major changes. Your growing belly as well as labor and delivery have an effect on your pelvic floor, back, joints and muscles. I also had problems with my sciatic nerve shortly before and after having my baby. First-time breastfeeding basically all-day long due to a low-birth-weight baby meant a heavy burden for my shoulders, neck and back. I suffered from constant back pain and tingling in my right shoulder. Your body has to get used to carrying around a baby for many hours. During the first weeks I was basically just sitting, lying or carrying my little one. My body got very sore and I felt quite exhausted from nursing my baby for so many hours. I can tell you that it was such a bliss having a postpartum Thai massage by Jorge at ITM Thai Hand Berlin! My joints and muscles were very stiff. Gentle stretches made my body feel lighter and softer again. Especially my hips were really tight and the massage helped to relax tension in that area. It was the first time I was away from my baby for two hours which is a strange feeling but it was great for my well-being and I had much more energy. You will see that a Thai massage reduces inner stress and tension and is really beneficial. It speeds up recovery and relieves pain. You won't believe it but after the first treatment, my shoulder stopped tingling as Jorge managed to work well on the respective nerve. He also worked out some knots on my shoulder which surely hurt but felt so good afterwards. My sciatic nerve do not bother me that much anymore. Chest and shoulders were opened and I started to walk straighter again after the massage and stopped being like the hunchback of Notre-Dame (quite usual after birth). In case you have issues with breastfeeding, it has been proven that the massage increases prolactin levels and stimulates milk production. I have no personal​ experience here though as I have enough milk. For breastfeeding moms, I recommend to use pads in your bra as you will be lying face down at some point of the massage. Cushions are provided. Thai massage will allow your body fluids to circulate better and will help to get water accumulated before birth out of your system. I also really enjoyed the work on my feet. My feet muscles hurt after birth as I put lots of pressure on my feet during contractions. Working on pressure points and stretching had an immediate positive effect. After the second massage, I also had a really good sleep and took a wonderful nap with my baby. My shout out to all new mommies: Take this time for yourself, ask your partner, family or a friend to babysit and get the enormous benefits of Thai massage therapy. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but a strain on your body at the same time. Enjoy the bodywork during a Thai massage. It will adjust your body, improves your muscle tone, relieves so much tension, establish a better posture and promote your well-being. Pamper yourself at ITM Thai Hand Berlin and feel happy and relaxed afterwards! Thank you Jorge! Kati Schröder, happy mom of 5-month old Mina -Berlin

Post-natal massage ITM Thai Hand Berlin

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