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How Did I Learn To Love Abdominal Massage-Chi Nei Tsang

Some days ago Jorge asked me if I would like to be a model for the Abdominal Massage Classes (Chi Nei Tsang) he offers in his school. I agreed and let me tell you it was so worth it!

Normally when we get a massage it's about relaxing the muscles. Not so with abdominal massage. It focuses on the energy and emotional blockages we all have to some degree and store in our bellies. It stimulates the organs and helps the body to let go of toxins and stuck emotions.

I was a bit stressed before Jorge started the massage, because I didn't know what to expect and I generally don't like any pressure on my tummy. I guess most people are a bit nervous before this kind of massage, that's why it starts with something that will make you forget every single doubt you had: Hot herbal compresses! Just the smell of the compresses is soothing and the warmth makes your body open and soften for the session. If possible try not to eat before the massage, so you can fully enjoy the experience.

The abdominal massage will be different for everyone, since we are all unique. I had a lot of tension around my solar plexus area. It influenced my posture and my breathing pattern.

Chi Nei Tsang has a long tradition in the Thai culture and the wisdom of it can be felt through the protocol. It's well balanced and the movements go from low to medium to deep pressure to soothing circles. As soon as you start to feel that it's too much the massage moves you in a new direction and gives you space to breathe.

I was surprised to see that the massage does not only concentrate on the abdominal area, but includes the Psoas muscle and the rib cage, both areas that often aren't included in a massage protocol.

Over a period of three days Jorge shared the theory of Chi Nei Tsang and demonstrated the massage technique. There was enough time for questions and for the info to sink in.

There were two kinds benefits of the abdominal massage I've experienced: short and long term. The tension in my solar plexus was gone, which improved my breathing, which made me more relaxed. I slept well and deep and felt more rested. However I am proud to say that I quit coffee and I am sure that the massage helped me to let to go of this addiction. I tried it several times before and didn't succeed. The massage made me more aware of my body and my body's needs, while making me stronger and more energized. Quitting coffee was just a decision I had to make and I did.

I will recommend abdominal massage to my friends and loved ones and I am very grateful that Jorge brought this from of massage therapy to Berlin.

Agnieszka Gawronska - Translator, Berlin

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