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The Benefits of Studying and Working Abroad

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

With the continuation of the series of articles we now introduce our next one: “The Benefits of Studying and Working Abroad”, this article shows the extensive advantages that are given to anyone that decides to go abroad to study. The benefits one might gain from being in a completely new environment are worldwide recognised for the dynamic knowledge that are given during the time overseas. Students from all over the world have life changing moments/experiences when they decide to study abroad. Some of the benefits that have been scientifically proven are shown below:

  • “Students who have studied abroad, typically are a bit more independent, better able to deal with uncertainty and more appreciative of other culture.”

  • “The range of activities that a student might get engaged with when they go overseas to study might actually go well beyond merely studying.”

  • “The most important advantages of studying abroad are: high standards of teaching, close relationship between university and companies, opportunities for students to work during studies and after graduation, a strong intercultural experience and improved communication skills.”

  • “Studying abroad builds confidence, character and culture.”

  • “The rare chances to learn other languages first-hand, experience foreign cultures and gain a better understanding of global differences.”

  • “When studying abroad, you will have the chance to meet people from various backgrounds as well as cultures, and some of them might even become your long-term friendships.”

  • “Some students might even end up changing their career path thanks to new things they learn from overseas. While being overseas, you can travel new territories, expand your view and discover a newfound passion.”

With the ever-growing world, many people have to adapt themselves to get the best out of the opportunities that they have in the moment. Our school is a perfect example of this, where many people, for their own reasons, went from their country and decided to begin a new path in their lives with us at ITM Thai Hand Berlin. Many of our students have gained many new opportunities for their professional career that they are currently pursuing. Our school has a great degree of diversity within the classes where we can perfectly see the students passionately working hard to achieve this milestone in their lives for themselves. Every one of our classes always have new people from all over the world that interact with one another to achieve the same goal in mind.


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