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Benefits of Having a Positive Mental Attitude

A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is one of the most critical links we have between our success and happiness.

Failure to obtain/develop a PMA can result in individuals over-exerting their body, often ending up with early illnesses such as depression, lack of self-esteem and overall poor well-being. The benefits of having a PMA are seen below:

• “The development of interventions to foster a positive outlook may improve the personal and public health of the elderly and prolong life.”

• “Health benefits have been influenced by a positive attitude, including increased life span, increased resistance to the common cold, lower rates of depression, increased cardiovascular health, reduced stress and overall physical and mental vigor.”

• “Your tolerance for pain increases. Your self-esteem boosts. You learn how to enjoy life more. You can have healthier relationships. You can develop better habits. You can inspire others around you to be positive, too.”

• “With an increase in motivation you will be more productive in any tasks you may undertake. In addition to this, it will also make any efforts you do exert seem much easier which in turn tends to keep you at the task longer.”

Evidently, having a PMA can have profound impacts on the present and future experiences of the individual. Here at ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin, we teach techniques that help create a stable body and mind, also helping flush out negative emotions. Traditional Thai Massage believes that feelings are connected to certain parts of the body and corresponding organs. We apply this knowledge and work on specific points that trigger a reaction, helping alleviate such emotions including anxiety, stress, anger, fear, frustration etc.

These trigger points have been proven to be effective for people suffering from such experiences, often further also creating positive emotions and feelings for such recipients. We help create a healthy balance between the body and the mind so that imbalances don´t drastically impact our relationships and experiences.


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Benefits of a Positive Mental Attitude at ITM Thai Hand Berlin
Positive Mental Attitude @ ITM Berlin

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