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Course Explained: Aromatherapy-Essential Oil Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a blissful full-body experience that combines smooth, tension-releasing movements with the art and science of aromatherapy. Our school offers either a three-day course or two-day intensive that equips you with a range of massage methods that will have your client walking away with a new bounce in their step.

Aromatherapy is the use of different fragrances to support psychological and physical well-being.

Dating back over 6000 years, it is a verified therapeutic method for restoring harmony and balance in the body and mind. Although categorized as an alternative medicine, it is gaining traction in the scientific community as more and more research reveals evidence to support its array of health claims. A holistic healing method, it has proven physical and psychological benefits, affecting mood, alleviating pain, boosting your immune system and more.

Essential oil is made by distilling plant material (flowers, bark, leaves, roots, etc.) in order to derive the essence of the plant. This style of massage uses oil or lotion in combination with highly concentrated plant extracts to bring about the best results. During an aromatherapy massage, the client inhales the potent molecules and absorbs them through their skin while you press, rub and knead the body, working in combination for ultimate wellbeing.

Our course includes information on how to select different oils so that you may give the perfect massage; from base oils, such as jojoba and almond, which are used to dilute the potent essential oils and ‘carry’ them on the skin, to the essential oils themselves, exploring some of their properties and explaining how to choose what plant to use when, and for whom.

This style of bodywork is good for:

  • Stimulating circulatory system, meaning your heart and brain get rejuvenated

  • Improving lymphatic system functioning—boosting your immune system

  • Soothing stress, agitation and anxiety

  • Releasing chronic aches and relieving tensions-especially in the neck, back and legs Deblocking energy meridians

By completing the training, you will walk away with the knowledge of how to select a massage depending on your client’s specific needs. You will be given instruction in a gentle, ‘Moon & Aqua’ style for soothing the nervous system, as well as a more vigorous ‘Sun & Fire’ method for awakening and invigorating. Stepwise protocol is thoroughly explained so that you will be able to deliver a 60-90-minute massage with confidence and style.

If this intrigues you, click here to find out the dates of our next trainings.

By: Kristine Mitchell


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