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Paramjeet Singh


Philipp Paramjeet Singh

Born 30 March 1982.

Romanistic & Scandinavian Studies (M.A.), freelance translator / interpreter,

Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher, Musician.



2009 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in the Sivananda Tradition at Yoga Vidya Ashram Bad Meinberg

2010 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 with Karam Kriya in Estonia, Netherlands & Italy. Workshops with Prof. Surinder Singh, Reinhard Gammenthaler, Leela Mata.

2011/12 Workshops with Shiv Charan Singh, Leela Mata, Mukta Kaur, Parvinder Singh, Ram Singh, Sat Kirin Kaur.Since 2012 In Training for Karam Kriya Counselor & Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 2.



Yogi Bhajan: Von Mann zu Mann (orig. Man to Man)Das Kundalini Yoga Sadhana-Handbuch,

2. überarb. Ausgabe (orig. Sadhana Guidelines)Nirvair Singh: Die Zehn Lichtkörper des Bewusstseins (orig. The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness)Yogi Bhajan: Transformation Band 1 & 2, KRI.Gurucharan Singh: Die 21 Stufen der Meditation. (orig. The 21 Stages of Meditation)


As a student at university I started with Ashtanga Yoga and during the years got to know serveral yoga styles & traditions. I ended up with Kundalini Yoga which today is a fixed portion & great enrichment of my daily life. In my classes I share this gift traditionally to keep these precious techniques alive. My special interest is mantra (sound currents to still & direct the mind) & yoga for men. Experience life, share experience.



Yoga for the back


Yoga says that the true age of a human being depends on the flexibility of his spine.


In this class you learn and practice specific body and breathing exercises to release tension and improve the flexibility of the spine. Back and abdominal muscles get stretched and strenghtened and the blood supply is increased. Emotional stress in many people manifests in the lumbar region. By using special meditations mental blockages can be removed and the body perception improves. Yoga for the back has a harmonizing effect on the whole body and relieves physical and psychic stress.


For people with and without yoga experience.



Yoga for Men



Be a man.



Whereas in India Yoga was traditionally practiced by men here in the West most yoga practicioners are women. Meanwhile more and more men prove that yoga is not a “women sport”. This class invites all men to a personal yoga experience. We will practice specific exercises and meditations that strenghten & rejuvenate the male body and give stability & virility. The mind becomes still and clear and you get the opportunity to face the stress and the challenges in your life with a smile. Discover your true potential as a man. Overcome negative and unwanted habits and blockages that hinder, weaken and limit you. Learn what is really important to be a happy man.


Yoga for men is not about competition but about completion.

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