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Thai Hand Massage Practice

Like to practice your massage techniques under supervision?

Next dates in 2024:

  • May 26th from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. (All Levels)

Is Thai Hand Massage Practice

Thai Hand Massage Practice is for everyone who follow(ed) with us a course, workshop, program or any other form of massage teaching with us.

It is something for you if you:

  • Like receiving massage treatments

  • Like to practice

  • Like to improve your techniques

  • Like to learn new techniques



Is Thai Hand Massage Practice

This 3-hour practice in our school consists of:

  • Practice 90 minutes of your massage techniques (Nuad Thai massage on the mat) on another participant.

  • Then you’ll switch and you’ll be receiving 90 minutes of practice massage from another participant.

  • Give feedback to each other.

  • The teacher is present to answer questions you might have.

  • Note: This practice is for massage students to practice their protocol, this is NOT a class with guided massage by the teacher.


Thai Hand Massage Practice


  • Over the years we have received many requests from massage students that like to practice their techniques, under the supervision of the teacher.

  • Giving massages to your friends and family is great, but sometimes it is nice to receive proper feedback from other massage students and the teacher, to improve your techniques.

  • So this is why we set up the Thai Hand Massage Practice, so you can practice the massage protocol you like to work on, without paying the full fee of a private lesson.


Of the Thai Hand Massage Practice

The Thai Hand Massage Practice offers various benefits.

You will:

  1. IMPROVE YOUR MASSAGE TECHNIQUE: You will receive feedback from the teacher and the participant.

  2. IMPROVE YOUR OWN HEALTH: You will receive a massage from the other participant.

  3. LEARN NEW TECHNIQUES: Because you will feel and see the other techniques of participants.

  4. IMPROVE YOUR MASSAGE TOUCH: The other participant will give you feedback on how the massage feels.

  5. CONNECT WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE: You will meet others who like to improve their health and that of others by massage, so you can share experiences.




October 9th from 11 am to 2 pm

Thai Hand Massage Practice


Please bring:

  • A big towel (full body sized / beach towel to lie your whole body on)

  • A small towel (pillow-sized 2 towels to rest your head on)

  • Clean socks (it might be comfortable to receive the massage with socks on, so you can change at the school in clean socks prior to the massage)

  • Comfortable clothes in which you can move freely like:

    • long sports trousers (we massage over the clothes)

    • shirt with long sleeves (which you might need if you receive massage since you will cool down)

    • wear a t-shirt underneath (when you give the massage you might become a bit warmer so you can take off your long sleeves shirt/sweater)

    • Change rooms are out of use, come with massage clothes from home!

  • A bottle of water for you to hydrate yourself after the massage

  • Your book, pen and paper if you want to make notes

  • We provide the mats and head blocks but no pillows and blankets are forehanded.

During Thai Hand Massage Practice participants practice on each other, but it is also possible to bring your model. Some participants prefer to not receive massages, but they just like to practice on their own model under the supervision of the teacher. You can bring your own model and pay instead of 25 euro, 50 euro because you will practice for 3 hours including feedback from the teacher.


Thai Hand Massage Practice is for everyone who follow(ed) any of our massage classes and likes to practice on the mat. Whether you follow(ed) the full Program, the professional courses or workshops (Nuad Bo-Rarn), you are all welcome to practice with us at our school.

It is something for you if you:

  • Like receiving massage treatments

  • Like to practice on the mat

  • Like to improve your techniques

  • Like to learn new techniques

  • Please note: We practice the massage on the mat during this Thai Hand Massage Practice.

  • Please note (2): The door opens 20 minutes before the start of the lesson to register and closes at the start of the lesson, so everyone can fully enjoy the Thai Hand Massage Practice without interruptions.

See you soon on the massage mat!

Limited places are available make your reservation now –


>>> For our Thai Hand Massage Practiceegister here <<<





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International Training Massage School and Thai Hand Yoga Center Berlin is a traditional health center that offers professional courses, classes, workshops, treatments and retreats. Students receive internationally recognized certifications. ITM Thai Hand is internationally accredited and also located in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai.


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