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Therapy Massage Practitioner Program
Want to be a Therapy Massage Practitioner?

Like to work flexible hours, as an all-round massage therapist, while using different massage techniques? Then the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program might be something for you. The training consists of class instruction in our school in Berlin of modules Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table. You also learn Anatomy & Physiology and we teach you how to find a job and how to set up your own company. Experience is not needed. You can choose weekend or weekly midday classes.

What is Therapy Massage?

Therapy Massage is aimed at preventing ailments and improving overall health through various massage disciplines: chair massage, foot reflexology massage, Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table and Thai table massage. In Asia massage is part of regular medicine, and in the west, the benefits of massage are also becoming more and more familiar. Thus, research shows that 15 minutes of chair massage results in reduced stress at work, increased alertness and increased speed and accuracy of mathematical calculations. Office workers who are regularly massaged are more alert, perform better and are less stressed. Chair massage is the best massage to learn if you want a flexible job. As a chair massage therapist you can work in markets, festivals, offices, shops, businesses and more. Foot reflexology is the most common massage in Asia against insomnia, headache, backache, knee pain, problems in the foot, stress and more. The benefits of foot reflexology are not yet known in the West, but awareness grows, so you will have big career opportunities as a foot reflexologist. It is known that through Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table people recover faster from injuries and also to stay healthy. In addition, this is the perfect massage to improve your immune system (by stimulating the lymphatic movement that filters waste from white blood cells that fight bacteria), reducing stress (by reducing the level of cortisol in your body), to become happier (by increasing endorphin, the happy hormone) and fight insomnia (the massage balances your mood through the impact on the endocrine system). And the Thai Table Massage is the most advanced and increasingly popular massage in wellness centres, because of the many health benefits of this massage technique. As a Therapy Massage Practitioner, you have the opportunity to have a very varied job because of the different massage techniques you learn, and you can also offer the techniques in different locations and companies.

Receive international certifications
No experience is needed!


We teach you also how to find a job and how to set up your own company.

During the Massage Practitioner for Health Program you’ll learn:

Thai Table Massage:

  • Most sophisticated and increasingly demanded massage in wellness centers.

  • Learn how to give a preventive and therapeutic full body traditional Thai Yoga Massage treatment on the table, based on manipulation of joints, acupressure and stretches over the clothes

  • Objective: Upon completion, students are able to perform an effective Thai Table Massage of 1 to 2 hours.

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Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style:

  • Best massage to know if you like to enjoy a flexible schedule. As a chair massage therapist you can work in markets, festivals, offices, shops, companies and more.

  • Learn how to give an effective massage to the back, neck, shoulders, and hands on a massage chair and on an ordinary chair.

  • Objective: Upon completion, students are able to perform a Thai Chair Massage depending on the needs of the client, from 20 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

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Thai Foot Reflexology:

  • Learn how to give a Thai Foot Reflexology treatment using a Thai reflexology stick.

  • Working with the reflex points on the feet which correspond with each organ and system in the body.

  • Objective: Upon completion, students are able to perform an effective Thai Foot Reflexology Massage of 1 hour.

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Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table:

  • Learn how to use different aromas / traditional essential oils for health.

  • For relaxation or energizing, deblock meridians, dry skin and much more.

  • Objective: Upon completion, students are able to perform an effective Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table of 1 to 1,5 hours on a table using oil.

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How to become a Professional Massage Practitioner?

Never massaged before? Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any experience. Some of our students have a medical background or are already working as a masseur. But this is not needed for the course. We will teach you from the start how to give professional Massage treatments to improve the health of your customer in the techniques of Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table.

Anatomy & physiology
Therapy Massage Practitioner Program is more focused on practice than theory, while we believe practice makes perfect. The examinations are also only practical exams. We believe our curriculum gives you all the tools to become a good Massage Therapist. However, we do teach you theory, namely basic anatomy and physiology of massage. Moreover, you will learn the indications and contra-indications for the massage protocols. Also, you will learn how to set up different protocols depending on the needs of the client.

After graduation from the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program, you might like to work in a Spa, a massage school, company or maybe you prefer setting up your own massage company. This might be difficult if you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry, we have been there too. Our experienced teachers will be sharing their expertise with you in helping you to seek job opportunities and to set up your company, teaching you marketing, and giving you step-by-step advice in finding clients so you can start your new career!

What can you become after following the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program?

  1. You will be a certified Thai Table Masseur, Thai Chair Masseur Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology Masseur and an Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table Masseur

  2. Work as a Therapy Massage practitioner in a health center, physiotherapist clinic, spa’s, wellness centers, hotels, in other studios or your own place

  3. Work as a Therapy Massage practitioner in schools and companies offering business massage

  4. Set up your own massage company

Investment Therapy Massage Practitioner Program: € 1.870

Includes: all course fees, didactic materials, repeating the course for free and full certification after successful completion of the program.

We have an extra bonus for you when you enrol on the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program. You’ll receive for free:


  • Massage music – to practice your treatments on.

Followed already one of the courses Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology, and/or Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table at ITM Thai Hand Berlin? Then you can deduct €250 per course you followed from the fee of the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program. Just contact us.

Payment options:

1. Full amount at once
2. Paying in instalments*:

- First payment: 25% of the program fee when you make the reservation

- Second payment: 25% of the program fee before the start of the program

- Third payment: The remaining 50% of the course fee before the 50% of the

   duration of the program

* We charge 15% administration costs

When you enroll on the program, you can choose the payment option.

Many of our students received funds for ITM Thai Hand Berlin's courses.
Employed? Ask your employer about funding programs and possibilities.
Unemployed? Ask your employee insurance agency.
Crowdfunding? You can set up crowdfunding and have others finance your education.

Tax deduction?
Our school is registered at the World Massage Federation and our school is internationally recognized as we are a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai and have a school in Amsterdam as well. Check with your local tax advisor, but in most jurisdictions, our professional courses can be deducted as a business expense resulting in a considerably lower course cost due to tax credits/refunds received. If you need an official tax invoice, just ask. We’re happy to help!


About Your Certification
You will receive upon completion of the training program an ITM Thai Hand Berlin certification for Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table, and an ITM Thai Hand Berlin certification for the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program together with a personalized recommendation letter that will definitely help you in your search for a job as a masseuse!

Start a new career, no experience needed!

>>> For this exclusive program please register here <<<

Read more testimonials here


Aromatherapy-Essential Oil Massage

Table Massage Course Thai Hand Berlin_2

Thai Table Massage

collage_chair_massage_Berlin_Thai Hand

Chair Massage Lanna Style

Foot Reflexology Massage Course Thai Hand Berlin_4

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Course Dates:

Each course or module takes two days long (Saturdays and Sundays) in weekend classes.

Hereby we summarize all dates for the 4 different courses in the different training cycles.


Thai Table Massage:

· October 2023: Sat 14 & Sun 15, 11:00 to 17:00 daily

Aromatherapy - Essential Oil Massage on a Table:

· October 2023: Sat 21 & Sun 22, 11:00 to 17:00 daily

Thai Chair Massage (Lanna Style):

· November 2023: Sat 25 & Sun 26, 11:00 to 17:00 daily

Thai Foot Reflexology:

· December 2023: Sat 02 & Sun 03, 11:00 to 17:00 daily

ITM Thai Hand Berlin member of WMF
Course Dates TMPP

I found the classes to be very well organised, professional and very enjoyable.
Jorge is passionate about his school and about teaching and the classes were always comfortable, focussed and well structured.
I enjoyed Jorges way of engaging with the students and his interest in his students was always very apparent.
I enjoyed this course a lot and would recommend it further.
The equipment we received (table and chair) was well chosen and looks very professional, and delivery of equipment was without problem.
We received individualised attention in a small group and I am exited to start working in the field of massage.
The option to repeat the courses for free is a great idea.
Thank you again for the great course, it was a great experience!
Thank you for being so passionate and showing a lot of  interest and care for your students.

Cape Town, South Africa

I think the whole thing is really well structured and linear, repeating some movements in the different courses help a lot in understanding and memorizing, even the similarities between hand and foot massage help to put the whole picture together. Timing-wise is also great, I really liked how in the first courses we were just practicing parts of the book every day but by the last one we manage to do the whole massage twice in a lesson, gives a very good feeling of progression. The idea of you buying the table and the chair for us is really good, it motivated me a lot to really do it as often as possible.
Personally I really like your business-oriented mind, I had this feeling already the first time we met to talk about the course, and it was a major thing that made me certain about taking the course. I'm sure I can get knowledge about massage in many places and courses all over Berlin, but together with this aspect of business that you bring to the table makes it much more worth it in my opinion.
All in all I'm super satisfied from the course, I feel a thousand times better than when I started. The course is great, good job! :)


Jorge ist ein passionierter Lehrer mit einer sehr positiven Einstellung. Sein Interesse an jedem einzelnen Schüler und die familiäre Atmosphäre im wunderschönen Gartenhaus machen die Schule zu einem warmen Ort, an dem ich mich immer willkommen gefühlt habe. Die kleinen Klassen geben viel Raum für ein intensives Lernerlebnis und die Materialien sind sehr hilfreich für den praxisorientierten Unterricht. Ich kann das Therapy Massage Practitioner Program jedem empfehlen, der schnell in die Materie eintauchen und sich einen Überblick über die vielen verschiedenen Massagetechniken verschaffen will. Ein besonderes Extra ist die Möglichkeit, alle Kurse unbegrenzt zu wiederholen. Ich danke Jorge für die tolle Erfahrung und freue mich nun das uralte Wissen dieser großartigen Heilmethode in die Welt zu tragen. Danke nochmal und viele Grüße, Eleonora

Berlin, Germany

I enjoyed this program. I am really glad to have this in my luggage and I can't wait to start working actually.
I think you are a really nice, fair person and a good teacher, it was easy to understand and everything was clear (even if difficult sometimes) and you were patient.
I loved the tea, the music, the atmosphere, it was very positive.
So all good it can only be better!


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Training Programs

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Graduates of ITM Thai Hand Berlin have the opportunity to start working directly at Soulhouse. At Soulhouse you can expect a competitive salary, flexible working hours and your own company car (for permanent positions).
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