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Bringing you and your massage practice to the spiritual level.

A weekend workshop with Robert Henderson, suitable for all practitioners of all forms of massage, bodywork and healing.





As massage practitioners, we all start from the same place and in the same way. We all start at the beginning. For instance, if you practice Thai massage, this means taking a beginner’s class in Thailand or at a school in your home country or town, like here at ITM in Berlin.  Where you go from there, however, is up to you and the direction you choose can end up becoming a life-long journey and passion. Some therapists choose to use massage as a form of practical physical therapy, others as a means of relaxation and others still as an energetic practice. I have chosen to use it as a spiritual practice, the way it is often used in the country where I learnt it: Thailand.

Massage as a spiritual practice means using the power and insight of spiritual energy in your massage to enhance what you can do in your massage.

Using spiritual energy in your massage enables you to work more quickly and more effectively. It does this by speeding-up your ability to see correctly into your client’s condition, get to the root of your client’s condition and therefore understand what best to do for your client with your massage skills. It connects you to your hidden, deep intuition, driving you to follow your gut instinct instead of following the pre-determined system of massage sequence and exercise you have learnt at school.

Spiritual energy also works to develop your trust in yourself and in what you can sense and feel in your client’s body. It heightens the sensitivity in your senses allowing you to feel much more with your hands. Using spiritual energy in your practice, you will find yourself skipping through the parts of your massage sequence which are not necessary for the particular client you are working with and concentrating on the parts that are. The result is a highly personalised and effective treatment for your client, one they will thank you enormously for.

This workshop will lead you to this level of massage treatment through five easy stages.

1. First, we discover what energies come naturally to you in your massage practice. This will be your starting point.

2. We then map out the course of development in massage practice from beginner’s level through to the spiritual level, passing through the levels of curiosity and exploration, fun and play, confidence and knowledge, loving touch and letting-go until reaching the level of spirit where your practice and beliefs about massage are turned completely upside down and inside out. We then

3. Provide you with the means of accessing powerful spiritual energy, so you can

4. Feel and experience spiritual energy for yourself and see the effects it has on you and then through a series of class-based practice and further spiritual exercise,

5. See how it changes and improves your practice.


And yes, you will also get to see rainbows and pyramids, colours and symbols, sacred geometries, distant planets and ascended masters in your mind’s eye as part of your journey into spiritual energy. These are the fun aspects of the weekend. The practical applications, however, are what we will be more concerned with!

This workshop is suitable for all practitioners of all forms of massage, bodywork and healing.



Daily Schedule:
Saturday 9th November, 10:00 - 17:00 (one-hour lunch break)
Sunday 10th November, 10:00 - 15:00 (one-hour lunch break)


220,- Euro

To secure your place full amount has to be paid in advance

School provides fresh water and tea
























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ITM International Training Massage School Berlin is a traditional health center that offers professional courses, classes, workshops, treatments and retreats. Students receive internationally recognized certifications. ITM Thai Hand is internationally accredited and also located in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai.

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About the Instructor:
Robert Henderson has been teaching and practising Thai massage for eighteen years, specialising in energy and emotional work. He has worked exclusively with the yoga community for many years and gives seminars throughout Europe on the effects of your upbringing and environment on your body.
He is the author of the book: "Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body"

ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin
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