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About the Instructor:

Yoga student and teacher, Tia Sallinen has been studying yoga and meditation for a decade. Tia has spent over five years of her life in Asia practising yoga and thai massage. She is located in Helsinki, but she is constantly traveling to teach and study more. Tia has studied Hatha, Sivananda, Prana Flow and Ashtanga and plenty of other yoga styles. She has studied with Jani Jaatinen, Ilpo Koponen, Meghan Currie, Shiva Rea, Simon Borg-Olivier, David Swenson, David Williams amongst other great teachers. 
Yoga has given her life a back bone, a direction and a deeper way to acknowledge life. She is forever grateful to have stepped on this path of conscious evolution. 

You can read more about her here:
FB: Tia Sallinen Yoga & Massage

Yoga Weekend @ ITM Thai Hand Berlin

Yoga Weekend at ITM Thai Hand Berlin with Tia Sallinen

This weekend is dedicated to the similarities of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. These practices support and compliment each other. By practising both, you are bringing more awareness to both fields of these ancient practices.

Tia Sallinen is a dedicated yogini who is teaching workshops and classes all weekend at ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin. Join for a class, a workshop or the whole weekend if you have the chance. Everyone is welcome!

Workshop topics:

Saturday 11.11.2017

  • 11.30am -1.15 pm Vinyasa Class : Arm balances + inversions 

This class will teach you different techniques of how to balance on your arms and go upside down. Inversions are good for your heart and your brain as they give a little rest to the cardia vascular system and flush your brain with fresh oxygen. This is a strong class and you need a some yoga or movement background for it.

Not for complete beginners.

  • 2.30pm - 5.00 pm Thai Massage for Yogis and Body workers 


Yoga and thai massage has a lot of similarities. They both acknowledge sen lines or nadis, in the body and you can use both techniques to open the energy lines of the body. Thai yoga massage ITM-style has a lot of yoga stretches, but adjusted by your massage therapist. Both yoga and thai massage help open the chakras and strengthen and relax the body at the same time. Both practices activate the parasympathetic nervous system. 


If you are not a yoga teacher, but you are in love with anatomy and how the body functions this workshop is for you. A massage therapist, a personal trainer or a shiatsu practitioner will benefit from this workshop as it will give you more tools to work with your customers and yourself. 


Learn thai yoga massage techniques that you can use in your yoga classes/ private classes: 

- how to help your student into a deeper relaxation

- thai yoga massage adjustments for supta badakonasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, balasana, halasana, supta padangustasana…(all of these stretches are used in regular stretching classes and gym as well)

- face massage

Sunday 12. 11. 2017:

  • 10am-12pm Vinyasa Class: Hip opening + backbends

This class will leave you feeling light and open. We hold much tension in our hips that when not released can keep us irritated. Our work today is to open the hips and let go of that nagging feeling in our hip joints. Also we will move up the chest and give a good stretch to the muscles around the heart so there is a vast openness in our heart and we can feel lighter again. This class will work well with the meditation class that follows.

This is an intermediate class and you will need some yoga background for it.

Not for complete beginners.

  • 1pm-2.30pm Metta Meditation - the heart of thai massage

In the beginning of the class we will learn simple meditation techniques to calm the mind. Then we will move to the ancient Buddhist meditation technique that is also called the “heart of thai massage”. It’s importance in healing work will be underlined here and it will give you a broader aspect to your thai massage techniques. 

We will finish with a relaxation. You do not need any previous experience for this class. 



Through bank transfer, email us for bank details:

Thai Massage Workhop: 40€

1 Vinyasa class: 20€ 

2 Vinyasa classes: 35€ 

Meditation 15€

Weekend: 90€

Payment through Jorge (

SAME DAY CASH payments:

Thai Massage Workhop: 50€

1 Vinyasa class: 25€ 

2 Vinyasa classes: 40€ 

Meditation 18€

Weekend: 115€

Workshop and classes will be conducted in English. 
Very limited number of students, book your spot fast!


Book your spot:

To secure your place amount has to be paid in advance. Limited places available!

School provides fresh water and tea

Please bring your own yoga mat. School has a limited number of yoga mats for rent, 5€ per day





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International Training Massage School and Thai Hand Yoga Center Berlin is a traditional health center that offers professional courses, classes, workshops, treatments and retreats. Students receive internationally recognized certifications. ITM Thai Hand is internationally accredited and also located in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai.

Payment PolicyNo refund or exchange for another course, workshop or service possible.

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