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A Word Of Thanks

A few days ago we received an email from one of our students who just followed some courses at our school. Her words, so beautiful and full of true feelings, have shocked us in such a way that we haven't been able to resist sharing these precious words, which speak for themselves, with all of you, current or future students, friends and followers. Thank you so much Cécile for opening your heart, none of us dare to do this as you have done. You will be at our hearts forever!

Hi Jorge!

I hope you're well and I wanted to wish you loads of success in this new year!

I just felt like sharing a word of thanks with you. Since I've arrived in Peru, I have been massaging so many people, always with great feedback and a lot of love. It's really magic, but I started massaging my friends and flatmates just for fun and for free, and they asked for more sessions, and they got their friends to come in for a massage, so now I am doing it almost everyday and people are insisting to give me a donation for the massage and recommending me to others!

I think more than taking the level 2 exam, it was your recommendation to do 3 massages a day for the time I was in Berlin that really pushed my practice to a more professional level, and I am now more able to find my own flow and intuition, to listen to the body of the receiver and adapt my practice to their needs, and to be a bit more creative with my transitions. I have also learned to really make space for a good massage, and by valuing my own skills I have found that people who receive a massage from me now enter a deeper state of relaxation and contact with their body and breath. So I wanted to thank you a million time for being a great teacher, and for the opportunity to repeat the courses many times, until I had the confidence and skills to really start practising. Now it's on, and I love it ! I've started watching videos to have some new input and ideas, and I always try a little something new in a massage. I feel inspired and stimulated, and I am eager to learn more, as I realise I am in kindergarten of Thai massage still ! Also massaging people everyday makes me take good care of my body and my energy, and has brought a lot of balance in my life, as well as developing loving kindness for others in my daily life through my practice.

So all in all, starting to learn Thai massage has been one of the greatest things in my life and I am excited to keep learning and develop it further to give better and better massage to people who come my way. Thanks a lot for being my teacher and I wish that all the work you put in the school will come back to you in the best way.

My best regards from Peru,

Cécile Giovanetti

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