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Our Specialities:

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

A full body massage given on a mat on the floor, by which the receiver increases flexibility and experiences deep relaxation through passive stretching and acupressure, given through fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees following the energy lines of the body. If you want to know and watch more about this ancient technique and its benefits read here.

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Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

This massage works with the reflex points on the feet that correspond with each organ and system in the body. It is used to relax the feet and to encourage the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance. To learn more about the broad benefits of this massage read here.

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Hot Herbal Compress Massage

A full body massage given on a mat on the floor that combines the techniques of traditional Thai massage with Thai herbal hot compress; bundles that are steamed and pressed on the body. In traditional Thai medicine, herbs are used to complement massages that treat illnesses. This herbal hot compress massage increases blood circulation and energy flow, relaxes, warms, releases tension, relieves stiff muscles and joints, eases chronic pain and reduces mental fatigue and stress. Read more about the rebalancing and relaxing benefits of this technique here.

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Other Techniques:

Payment Policy: No refund or exchange for another treatment, course or workshop possible.

Payment in cash only
Thai Massage 60 minutes
1 hr
Payment in cash only
Thai Massage 90 minutes
1 hr 30 min
Payment in cash only
Thai Massage 2 hours
2 hr
Payment in cash only
Foot Massage 60 minutes
1 hr
Payment in cash only
Abdominal Massage 75 minutes
1 hr 15 min
Payment in cash only
Herbal Compress 75 minutes
1 hr 15 min
Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) FAQ


What happens in a TTM treatment?


All treatments start with an introductory talk. The actual bodywork is done on a comfortable mat on the floor, and we will use a combination of yoga stretching, acupressure, movement and massage techniques. Thai Massage is received fully clothed..



What should I wear?


Please wear loose clothing, preferably trousers rather than a skirt and clean socks.



Is there anything I should do before or after the Thai Massage treatment?


Please do not eat heavily for two hours before the treatment and avoid alcohol and drugs, and preferably caffeine. If possible you may like to organize your day so that you can relax after your session.



How does a Thai Massage feel?


It is different for everyone. The principle of TTM means I apply as much pressure as is needed for the treatment. At times the pressure can be very deep (akin to deep tissue massage), at other times, the pressure applied is very gentle.



Are all TTM treatments the same?


No. Thai Massage is a customized therapy. The treatments are different every time, and reflect the needs of your body at the time of the treatment.



How is Traditional Thai Massage different from Swedish massage or physiotherapy?


TTM is a holistic therapy that treats your whole being energetically and physically. Thai Massage involves some massage techniques, acupressure and stretches, but the treatment is received fully clothed and no oils are used.



How many treatments do I need?


An individual session may be beneficial in it’s own right, but it may be necessary to have more sessions to get the full benefit. Generally people have between 4 and 6 sessions either weekly or fortnightly, and then go on to have sessions approximately once or twice a month, or when they feel they would like to have a session.



I have a serious illness. Will Thai Massage help?


Please check with your doctor first whether it is advisable to receive bodywork.



When is TTM contraindicated?


Thai Massage is not appropriate if you feel you are coming down with a cold or are feverish, or are in the first quarter of pregnancy. If you have varicose veins or bruising or an injury, please mention the location before treatment begins..



You haven’t answered my question.


Feel free to contact us with any other questions. We'll be happy to answer you.

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