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We are qualified teachers internationally certified and recognized. As the unique school in Germany to offer teacher training courses with multilingual teaching in Thai-Yoga-Massage and one of only two in Europe to offer full certification, we believe in “Discover the ancient way to health and wellbeing”. Therefore we share our knowledge in different traditional techniques for health like massage and yoga offering flexible courses, classes and consultations in English, Spanish and German. Moreover, we are committed to providing quality classes and to making the world a better place by contributing our skills and time to various charity  organizations.

ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin aims to train professional masseurs and anyone interested in this preventive and curative art of massage, still virtually unknown in the west. To achieve this, we have the support of one of the most highly qualified schools of traditional Thai bodywork in Thailand, ITM. Our Thai international school is a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai. We also have a location in Amsterdam. ITM is accredited by Thailand Ministry of Education, approved by Ministry of Public Health and recognized and approved internationally by many professional colleges and associations for continuing education in the regulated healthcare field.


ITM Thai Hand Berlin aims to teach everyone interested in “Discover the ancient way to health and wellbeing”. ITM Thai Hand Berlin is registered as a private school officially recognized by the competent authorities in Germany. We work with only qualified and certified teachers.

ITM Thai Hand Berlin member of WMF


World Massage Federation (WMF) 

WMF was established as to expand massage globally by organizing training sessions, educational seminars, camps and contests.


Accreditation and Recognition

ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage & Spa School Berlin is internationally accredited and recognized. We have given workshops to more than 10,000 people and professional training to over 2.000 students in Germany, Swiss, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Thailand.

Our teaching method strictly adheres to the techniques set by the most prestigious and traditional schools in Thailand and meets our students’ needs for high-quality education.

Each course starts with the very basics. Therefore, no previous experience is required.

If you wish to get to know our school and learn more about our courses, we are happy to arrange a personal appointment. We are gladly at your service for any questions or information.


Method of teaching
Our teacher training courses use the universal VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) method of teaching. Our students learn through emulation of their teachers’ demonstrations to perform hands-on practice, following their teachers’ movements to ensure correct technique.


Certificates for students
Students who follow ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin’s courses will receive certificates that are approved and authorised by ITM Chiang Mai, acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of Thailand and worlwide recognised.


Repeat course for free as many times you like
ITM considers practice a very important aspect of learning Thai Yoga Massage and students can therefore repeat the courses as many times as they like without additional costs. Moreover students can take their exam when they think they are ready. ITM only hand out certificates to students who pass the exam.


Jorge Marquez Thai bodywork teacher and practicioner Berlin
Manuel Luque Aguilera- reflexology course instructor
Nicole van Zurk- thai masseuse instructor
Manuela Spaggiari_thai-hand-berlin
Brenda Hervas Fernandez
Melanie Feger Thai bodywork and teacher @ThaiHandBerlinITM
Haris Savoglu thai masseuse instructor
Michela Bellino thai masseuse instructor

Jorge Márquez Graffigna born in the Canary Islands and raised between Spain and Africa. Since his childhood, he liked to travel and learn about other cultures and traditions. Jorge studied and majored in Tourism, working for many years in hotels in Spain and Germany. He has also been a tour guide and language teacher, managed and owned several tourism enterprises (restaurants and travel agencies), having the opportunity through his professional experience to meet people of all nationalities and backgrounds. A trip to Thailand in 2007 marked a change in his life in every way and since then is his interest in everything related to ancient traditional Thai medicine. Co-founder and manager of ITM Thai Hand Berlin since 2012 Jorge Márquez is also teacher and therapist of Nuad Bo Rarn-Traditional Thai Massage,  Chi Nei Tsang-Thai Abdominal Massage, Chair and Table Massage, Essential Oil Massage-Aromatherapy Lanna Style and Foot & Hand Reflexology Massage.

Manuel Luque Aguilera founder of International Training Massage School Thai Hand Amsterdam and Berlin. From Spanish origin, he left his stressy corporate job as a marketing manager to dedicate his life after ‘learning the ancient way to be healthy to teach different traditional massage techniques to everyone interested around the world. He followed the teacher training in the best schools in Thailand (International Training Massage School Chiang Mai and Wat Po Traditional Thai Medical School) and returns every year to Thailand to teach and study more. He teaches Nuad Bo Rarn, Thai Foot Reflexology Massage, Medical Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Advanced Thai Physiotherapy for Health and Rue-si Dat Ton (Traditional Thai Yoga).

Nicole van Zurk experienced the benefits of traditional Thai massage while living in Asia. Instead of using pain killers, her colleagues persuaded her to get a therapeutic massage instead. By receiving traditional Thai massage, her headaches and back pain (which occurred after accidents) decreased significantly, so she decided to change her life and study these powerful ancient healing art techniques, not well-known in the west. She followed the teacher training courses in International Training Massage School Chiang Mai and Wat Po Traditional Thai Medical School and teaches Nuad Bo Rarn Level I, II, III and IV, Medical Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Advanced Thai Physiotherapy for Health, Rue-si Dat Ton (Traditional Thai Yoga) and Baby Massage.​

Manuela Spaggiari studied foreign languages and obtained a Degree as an
interpreter and translator, working in Italy (her home country), Ireland and Germany,
developing remarkable listening and communication skills. She also studied acting
and took part in several plays with a professional theatre company. In 2013 she
started practising yoga regularly and completed a yoga teacher training in Thailand,
where she had a ‘magical encounter’: traditional Thai massage. Therefore she
decided to become a professional traditional Thai massage practitioner and teacher
attending the ITM Thai Hand Berlin and ITM Chiang Mai schools. In December
2022, after a 3-month stay in Thailand, she completed the CAPT “Certified
Advanced Practitioner and Teacher” Training Program in Traditional Thai Massage
Northern Style at ITM School Chiang Mai. Manuela works in Berlin and Italy as a
Thai massage therapist, facilitator of meditative yoga for adults and yoga for
children, and instructor of posture exercises for the back. She is teaching Nuad Bo
Rarn-Traditional Thai Massage and the full Therapy Massage Practitioner Program.
Her approach follows the ethical principles of traditional Thai massage: practising
with loving-kindness, compassion, vicarious joy and equanimity.

Brenda Hervás Fernández, born and raised in a small town in the south of Spain, but always had very clear that she wanted to know and learn other cultures. Her interest in humans, their history, evolution and behaviour leaded her to study psychology and to graduate afterwards with a master in physical anthropology. Starting practising Muay Thai, she raised a big interest in the Thai culture so that she finally traveled to Thailand in 2019. There she discovered the true Traditional Thai Massage and started to relate it to psychology and anthropology. Back to Berlin, she did all the ITM Thai Hand Berlin courses and slowly moved into the massage path to make it her main job. Currently She is teaching Nuad Bo Rarn-Traditional Thai Massage and the full Therapy Massage Practitioner Program. She is also psycholgy therapist and courses a master in psychotherapy with the objective of mixing both, massage and psychology techniques to help  people to live a healthier life.

Melanie Feger was born in Germany and lived, studied and worked in several countries. She discovered her love of Thai Massage through yoga and during trips to Asia. An avid yoga practitioner and teacher, she found that the therapeutic effects of this “passive form of yoga” were complementary and expansionary to what she already felt in her “active” yoga practice and wanted to be able to pass this experience on to others. She started to study Thai massage in Thailand and during workshops while still having a job in the corporate world. Eventually, she decided to follow her heart and to totally focus on practices to heal body and mind. In addition to Thai massage and yoga, she studied massage therapy while living in New York City and continues to study Ortho-Bionomy®. In addition to teaching, she has her own massage practise where she offers various forms of massage.

Haris Savoglu was born in Athens, Greece. Since 2010 he moved to Spain, Italy and England where he lived and worked as a photographer. He began his studies at ITM Thai Hand Berlin in 2016. He completed the Teacher Training Program and the Therapy Massage Practitioner Program in 2018. In 2019 he continued assisting in ITM Thai Hand Berlin as part of his teacher training. In March 2020, after a 3-month stay in Thailand, he completed the CAPT “Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher” Training Program in Traditional Thai Massage Northern Style at ITM School Chiang Mai.

With an interest in human studies, psychology, anatomy, behaviour biology and religion sciences, he continues his research with the ambition to become an Integral Craniosacral Biodynamics facilitator. In 2020 he participates in Craniosacral Biodynamic Course 1 and 2 with Rosemary Wallace. He is committed to experiencing, developing and sharing knowledge about meditation practices, breathwork and attention span increasing methods. He intends to serve the general public by expanding strategies that provide resilience. In his personal life and work, he applies and encourages Non-Violence Communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg.

Michela Bellino was born in Italy and developed her curiosity in bodywork during her long training in theatre, where she learned to observe the deep intimate connection between a character's physical posture, muscular tensions, mental attitude, emotional world, voice, and all body language expressions. She enthusiastically completed the CAPT “Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher” Training Program in Traditional Thai Massage Northern Style at ITM School Chiang Mai, Thailand, in September 2016. In addition to Traditional and Dynamic Thai Massage, she trains Foot Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Joint Release, Myofascial Release, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, Shiatsu, Hot Stones, Tok Sen, Thai Hot Herbal Compress, Pre-Natal Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and she enjoys combining elements from different traditions. Her personal approach to bodywork is an integration between the physical body and its energetic and emotional fields. What she loves about teaching is that it gives her the chance to learn twice as much.

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