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Advantages of Having a Multicultural Environment to Study and Work in

Continuing on from our last post on the 'Benefits of Studying and Working in Teams', today we introduce the second article of the series: 'Advantages of having a Multicultural Environment to Study and Work in'. This article is all about the scientific discoveries made proving that having a diverse multicultural environment facilitates an area where students feel more comfortable and are able to gain deeper understandings of the world around them; as well as being subject to different cultures besides their own. This has a profound impact on the growth and perspectives of students when they are introduced to a new context they have previously not formed part of.

  • 'When students are subject to cross-cultural or diversity the result is that all people feel validated and considered important no matter their differences. Giving students the opportunity to study and work with people who bring different skills and views to the table that helps them feel valued, which improves the morale of each student and promotes positivity in the environment.'

  • 'Cultural diversity may lead to higher flexibility, creativity and, ultimately, higher effectiveness of the class as a whole.'

  • 'When students are sharing their personal experiences or what each of their festive seasons mean to them, they are building a trusting relationship among their fellow students. This increases student motivation as well, which is great for having an environment where they can feel more relaxed and enjoy the class.'

  • 'Diversity in cultures means diversity in skills, which in turn means that a student from a different part of the world may have more extensive knowledge on points of interests that the other students may be intrigued in. Therefore, giving each other a wider pool of knowledge to draw from when they share their experiences with one another.'

  • 'The end result of this is that students learn new cultural insights which reduces negative emotions such as racism, homophobia, sexism and the like, providing equal opportunities to all cultural groups and aiming to reduce discrimination.'

To sum up, having a diverse multicultural environment for the students means that they not only gain the knowledge of the class being taught, but also from their fellow peers where they all have experiences to share. At ITM Thai Hand Berlin we have many graduates from all over the world that have come to our school and have experienced these benefits first-hand as all of our students have a diverse background. The feedback that they leave on our webpage and social media, in their language, help encourage new students that may feel uneasy to be the only 'different' one there or feel like they will be left out due to their beliefs. We are all different in our own way, and that is what makes having a multicultural environment so enjoyable. Our ITM Thai Hand International Training Massage School Berlin is the perfect middle ground for people that want to get out of their comfort zone without conflict and admire the different aspects of the world at their own pace.


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